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The German Shepherd is a very versatile dog breed. At 'von der Räuberbande' we train and compete with our German Shepherds in show and IGP (formerly known as "IPO" or "Schutzhund") and breed with proven working lines for the sport. The IGP/Schutzhund sport was derived from early 1900's German police work. As such the dog must show working ability in all 3 major phases:


Tracking is the dog's ability to follow a particular scent over different surfaces and indicate any article containing this scent.

Obedience is the dog's willingness to obey and follow the handler in any situation. It is the building block for everything else.

Protections is the dog's ability to apprehend. This shows the dog's drive, self-confidence, ability to withstand pressure (TSB rating).

von der Räuberbande
German Shepherds

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